• 2 parts of Vodka
  • 2 parts of Orange Juice
  • 5 Cubes of Ice
  • Slice of Orange


The Screwdriver is one of the most well-known cocktails around, and is also one of the easiest to make. Often known more readily as simply a vodka and orange, those who want to get their fix of Vitamin C will love this classic cocktail as its main ingredient is orange juice.

The Screwdriver cocktail is particularly easy to make and has only two main ingredients, making it the ideal cocktail for home use. Here’s the simple recipe to make your very own Screwdriver cocktail at home.

To begin with, half fill a highball glass with ice and pour over the vodka. Add the orange juice, stir until well mixed and garnish with a slice of orange. That’s it!

This recipe is a classic and yet so simple, and as such there aren’t many variations to it. However there’s always the possibility of altering the quantities to taste, and if possible use freshly squeezed orange juice to make it even more satisfying. Some people like to add cherries as an additional garnish, or even other types of fruit to taste.

This particularly fruity cocktail is so simple to make that it’s probably one of the most popular cocktails for home use, although it can be just as satisfying to drink in a cocktail bar. It’s ideal for people who like to make their cocktails according to their own taste, as the quantities and strength can easily be changed without altering the overall flavour too much. It’s the perfect cocktail for beginners and is well worth trying at home.