Ready to serve up, Aussie style? Not if you don’t know how the right Australian drink recipes. Here are a few of the most popular drinks ordered in Australia to get you started.

    Queensland Iced Tea

    Mix 3-4 lemon slices, 5-6 mint leaves, 30ml Bundaberg Distiller’s No. 3, and 15ml triple sec in a glass. Add ice to near the top and top it with ginger beer before serving.

    Lemon Ruski

    Put 30 ml Vodka in a glass of ice and top it off with Lemonade.

    Baileys and Milk

    Mix 4 parts Bailey's Irish Cream to 1 part milk. Serve over ice.

    Lychee Caprioska

    Put 1 tsp palm sugar and 1 sliced lime into a glass. Crush the lime slices to make the juice come out. Then add ½ cup lychees and crush again. Mix the crushed items with 30 ml Vodka in a shaker. Add ice to chill. Shake it and strain into a glass.

    Frozen Lychee Daiquari

    Combine 1-2 shots of 151 rum, 1 shot lychee syrup and ice in a shaker. Strain the drink into a glass and light on fire. After a few second blow the flames out and drink.

    Vodka Orange

    Combine 1 part vodka with 2 parts orange juice and serve.

    Oriental Mule

    Muddle some lemongrass, ½ a lime, a sliver of ginger and 1 lychee in a glass. Stir in 45 ml Smirnoff Black. Add ice to get the liquid in the glass near the top and finish with a ginger beer topper.

    Apple Black

    Start with a sliver of ginger and 30ml apple juice in a glass. Once they are muddled together, add 45 ml Black Label and add a small amount of maple syrup. Stir and serve.

    Rusty Nail

    Mix equal parts of Scotch whisky and Drambuie. Serve on the rocks.