Want a creative and bright idea for your party? Why not give Jello shots a try?

    Jello has been around a long time. In fact in the 1920’s a quick taste of Jello was used as a creative and tasty way to say: “Welcome to America” to immigrants. Why not make a similar gesture by saying “welcome to my party” with Jello shooters?

    Since the mass introduction of Jello in the 1900’s America has never been the same. There seems to be no end to what you can do with a little bit of creativity, and a whole lot of Jello!

    So what exactly is a Jello shot or shooter?

    • A combination of alcohol, water, and your choice of gelatin
    • Other edible items of your choice (Added to original combination)

    Part of the appeal of Jello shots is that they are so easy to make, yet the end result is often a huge hit with your guests. If you want some “wows” at your party then we’ve got a few creative ideas up our sleeves. (Did you expect anything less from us?) Let’s get started:

    Shot Glasses

    There’s a wide variety of shot glasses that can be used for jello shooters. Choosing the type of container is the first step:

    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Disposable
    • Edible

    Need a substitute for Jello?

    There’s a substitute for Jello called knox gelatin. This may be required if you want a flavorless gelatin to start from scratch. Consider this the ‘plain vanilla’ of gelatins.

    Proportions Do Matter

    Take care to use the right amount of each ingredient for the shots, or your Jello may not set right. Adding too much alcohol or water will prevent the mixture from solidifying properly.

    Now that you have the basics down, let’s get to that fun recipe we promised:

    Flaming Jello Shots

    Yes, Jello can be lit! (Consider that your fun fact for the day) The higher the alcohol content the better the burn! Try making Jello shots with Bacardi 151 or Ever-Clear for the best results.

    Place your shot on a pan and ignite with an extended lighter for your protection, then watch as the bluish flames engulf the gelatin shot!

    And there you have it, a fun and interesting twist to an old American tradition. Your guests are sure to remember the night that you turned an ordinary pile of gelatin into an instant party in a shot glass!