Though rum may be the most common alcoholic ingredient to use in punch recipes, wine and vodka punch is also an extremely popular way to make a warming alcoholic beverage – one that is going to be sure to warm the body and improve the mood.

    When Do People Make Wine and Vodka Punch?

    In general, wine and vodka punch is not for tropical events. It is more of a celebration drink or a beverage for a girl’s night, as it is a celebration drink rather than a the type used for strictly the party atmosphere.

    It is also most often mixed with orange juice, as that is one of the only fruit flavors that can drown out the strong alcoholic flavor. When orange juice is not used, citrus juices are still common, as well as cranberry juice, but these are usually placed in the beverage at much higher quantities.

    Why Wine and Vodka?

    Vodka is used for purely alcoholic purposes, as much of its flavor tends to be drowned out by the fruit flavors. Wine, on the other hand, is almost always sparkling and designed to give the drink a different aftertaste and an added carbonation. That is why red wine and non sparkling white wine are rarely used in favor of sparkling wine and champagne.

    Example Recipe

    Once example recipe of a Wine and Vodka Punch involves:

    • 1 Bottle of Vodka
    • 2 Bottles of Sparkling White Wine (as dry as possible)
    • 2 Bottles of Lemonade
    • 1½ cartons of Orange Juice

    Add all of the ingredients except for the wine and stir until completely mixed together. Add the sparkling wine last and mix again and serve.

    The Benefits of Wine and Vodka Punch

    As mentioned earlier, this type of punch recipe is primarily a celebration drink – one that is designed to get all of the guests at your party good and loose so that they can enjoy the day. The high vodka content ensures that most of your guests will be tipsy by the end of the night but the wine gives it that celebration feeling that people are looking for from that specific punch type.

    When you are hosting a party and are looking for a type of beverage that is going to feel celebratory as well as delicious, a vodka and wine punch is the way to go.