It is this time of the year when you're trying hard to think up some original new ideas for gifts to purchase. Wine glasses are always a good option as having nice wine glasses can be a great addition to the home.

If you've decided wine glasses are the way to go, why not add a personal touch and design an engraved wine glass? At first the ideas of an engraved glass may sound a slightly unorthodox option, but done well can look excellent.

Red Wine Glass

When it comes to a unique, and one of a kind, present for someone, there is nothing better than something that has been personalized for them.Engraved wine glasses will let you combine a person and their love of wine. Think of the statement you will make when delivering a pair of engraved wine glasses and a special bottle of wine to try them out with.

You don't have to stick to names and dates for the etching in wine glasses, either. Many of today's engraved wine glass gifts have personal messages that mean something special to the recipient.