What party is complete without a big bowl filled with some fruity concoction?That bowl is a beacon to all that they can come to the trough and enjoy a great drink that the host has made up, especially for them.

When selecting the punch bowl to use, there are a few options out there. There are plastic and metal punch bowls, but most of those are not a material you can see through, and a punch bowl really isn't quite right unless the light can hit the fruity drink inside and shine across the room. This is why you may want to stick with a traditional clear glass punch bowl.

Punch Bowl

Then you need to fill it up!

Here's a tropical fruit punch recipe that will be sure to have your guests coming back for more.

Jamaican Rum Punch

  • 240 ml 151 rum
  • 60 ml dark rum
  • 60 cup coconut rum
  • 600 ml pineapple juice
  • 600 ml orange juice
  • 60 ml lime juice
  • 45 ml grenadine syrup

You should chill all these juices for a few hours before you want to prepare the punch. Once you're ready pour everything into a punch bowl. You could also add an Ice ring, laced with pineapple slices or orange slices to dress it up and keep it cool.