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Minimum Players: 2 Player

Buzz Level: Medium-High

Suggested Drink: Beer

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Drinking Games Ľ TV/Movie/Music

Football Drinking Game

Setup Instructions

All you need to do is be in view of the TV and have your drinks to hand.

Game Requirements

At least two players, any number of drinks necessary and a football game on TV.

How To Play

Before the game begins, each person needs to pick a player from the football team. This becomes their player for the rest of the game, and goalkeepers are usually omitted unless you want to drink less.

Then you just need to watch the game and listen out for/watch your player throughout, and take the corresponding number of drinks according to the scoring system. The scoring system works as follows:

Every time you hear your player mentioned in the commentary, take one drink.

If your player gets a yellow card take four drinks.

If your player gets a red card, scores a goal or scores an own goal drink the whole glass.

If your player gets substituted take two drinks, and the substituted player becomes yours for the rest of the game.


If you know the players well you can tailor your choice depending on how much you want to drink. Itís also a good idea to take small sips to begin with to aid concentration, as listening out for playe

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