You can't wear just anything to a hen night event. Hen nights are meant to be a fun, and often wild, party. That means the right attire is essential. What is the right attire? Something flashy, even outlandish. Think sexy with costume accessories.

Many hen parties come with a theme. A forward thinking hen party planner may also have special t-shirts or buttons, made up for the girls who are involved, to wear as they enjoy the evening festivities.

Costume pieces are also a must! Devil horns are very popular for the party girls, while the bride to be often wears something like a veil with flashing tiara to let everyone know she is about to be off the market.

Hen Night Girls

Another common thing to wear for hen parties is a sash. The bride will have a bride-to-be sash, with the other girls wearing a sash that lets everyone know they are a part of the hen party. Really want to stand out? There are even sashes that are rigged up with flashing lights to make sure everyone see the hen party coming.

Some hen parties go all out when it comes to hen night wear. They don't just wear a few little costume pieces, like horns, they wear the whole getup. From sexy policewomen, to nurses in fishnet hose and even playboy bunnies, the whole party may dress up and hit the town!