For this game you'll need 4+ people, some drinks, a suitable table to play on and a deck of cards (this is a card game, by the way).


To setup, get all players sat around the table with their drinks to hand. Nominate one player to be the dealer.


To start the game off, each player is dealt one card facing down. You may check your own card but do not show anyone else.

Starting from the player left of the dealer, this player can choose to either keep their card, or swap with the player left of them. If that player decides they would like to swap, they must keep that card. This continues around the circle until you finally get back to the dealer. Once its the dealers turn, they can elect to either keep their card or swap it with the card on top of the deck.

Once everyone has had a turn, all players must reveal their cards. The only player who does not have to take a drink is the player with the highest card. For every other player, they must take one drink for the number of players with a higher card than them – hence the player with the lowest card drinks the most! If a player is holding a jack, they may choose to flip their card at any time. This removes them from that round of the game. For the next round, the player to the left of the dealer now becomes the new dealer.


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