A deck of cards, at least two players, and any number of drinks required.


Everyone sits in a circle and the cards get shuffled.


Everyone takes it in turn to pick a card. The number/picture relates one of the following forfeits:

  • Ace – The person who drew the card has to stick it to their forehead and can boss everyone around until it falls off.
  • 2 – Take two drinks.
  • 3 – Take three drinks.
  • 4 – Take two drinks and give two to someone else.
  • 5 – Make a new rule up and if anyone breaks it throughout the game they have to take a drink.
  • 6 – Everyone has to drink but they can only stop when the person to their right stops first.
  • 7 – The person who drew the card has to do something unusual, e.g. slapping the table, and the last person to do the same thing has to drink.
  • 8 – Bathroom/smoke break card – can only be used once and you can’t go unless you have one.
  • 9 – Play the game “I have never” – say something that you’ve never done and anyone who has done it has to take a drink.
  • 10 – Play the game “Suck and blow” – the person who drew the card has to put it on their mouth and the person to their left has to suck it off. If it falls you have to take a drink.
  • Jack – Sociables – Everyone has to yell “Sociables!” and drinks.
  • Queen – All the women drink.
  • King – All the men drink.


Play with as many people as possible to avoid too many forfeits!

A variation could be placing an empty wine bottle in the centre of the game, and whenever a card is picked it gets balanced on top of the bottle. Whoever makes the cards fall has to down their drink.