Players, a matchbox and of course some beers. Plus, the ability to throw?


To start with, all players must sit in a complete circle around a table with their beers in front of them.


Each player takes it in turns to throw the matchbox into the middle of the table. If the box lands on the large flat side, the turn passes clockwise to the next player in the circle.

If it lands on the long thin side, add 2 fingers of beer to the count. If it lands on the end of the box, add 4 fingers of drink to the total. Keep doing this until it lands on the flat side.

The turn is then passed on to the next person, who gets one throw. If this player lands the flat, they have to down the amount of beer in the count! Keep this going round the table.


Sit to the left of someone that's rubbish at throwing. If a match falls out of the box, add a fingers drink. If the box falls off the table, add 2! If you throw the box in your drink, down the lot! If it lands in another players drink, down it and get them a new one!