Alcohol (any sort, large amounts preferable), 2 six sided dice, imagination & naughtiness.


You'll need a table, floor or any flat surface on which you can roll the dice. Anything else doesn't really matter. Oh, and large quantities of alcohol are a must.


Roll the dice (remember, there are two of them).

Add the numbers together.

If it is even, pass the dice to your right.

If it is odd, drink a shot of hard liquor or two fingers of wine/beer.

If it shows up 7 you become a deity.

Deity must make a rule or issue an order.

Everybody else (or a single person - depending on a rule) must comply.

After successful completion of an order/integration of a rule pass the dice to your right.

Repeat the process as long as you want.


Additional rule may be incorporated into the game. To overrule a deity a vote must be cast. If half of the players +1 vote against the rule/order it becomes void and the game continues on.