A score card for all the players and something to write the score with.


Before starting your round of pub golf, you need to think of 12 or 18 pubs that you will visit during the course of the game. Each pub is basically a 'hole'.


To play the game, each player must visit every hole (pub) in turn, purchasing your chosen drink at each one. You get your score for each hole by adding up the amount of swigs you take to finish your drink. At this point you must remember to fill out your score card as you go along.

The winner of the game is of course the player that has the lowest score for all the holes completed from the round of golf. The loser, surprisingly, is the player with the highest score. A forfeit should be determined before the game begins for the player that comes last at the end of the game.


It's always best to dress up for this one. So dig out your best golfing gear!