Surprisingly enough, you'll be needing some shot glasses and some appropriate drinks to fill your glasses with!


Each game has it's individual setup, as described.


Sure, drinking some shots of a good whiskey or rum is fun on it’s own, but it can be made even more fun if you turn it into a game. This is likely how shot glass drinking games were created.

Never played any shot glass drinking games? Here are some guidelines so you can have a little more fun the next time your friends are over for a few drinks.

Many common games like chess, poker, tic-tac-toe and checkers have variations where shot glasses are used. Instead of using pawns, checkers or playing pieces on the board, they have been replaced with shot glasses.

Shot Glass Chess

In shot glass chess each time one of your pieces is captured, you have to drink the shot in the glass.

Shot Glass Checkers

In shot glass checkers, as your pieces are taken, you have to drink the shot from the glass that was captured.

Shot Glass Tic-Tac-toe

In shot glass tic-tac-toe losing the game means you have to drink a shot.

Shot Poker

Instead of using poker chips, put out a bunch of shot glasses. These are going to be your betting chips. The bets keep going until the hands are set down and the person with the worst hand has to drink the pot. It’s best to play this game with beer in the shot glasses or there won’t be too many hands before everyone is too intoxicated to hold their cards.


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