At least 2 players, an episode or two of the TV show Lost, and as many drinks as necessary.


Everyone needs to be in view of the TV and they need to have their drinks to hand.


Playing the Lost drinking game is incredibly simple. All you need to do is watch the show and every time one of the situations below happens, take a drink. The situations are as follows:

There’s a reference to numbers

Hurley says “Dude”

A new Dharma station is revealed

Desmond says “Brother”

A pre-crash connection is revealed between characters

Sawyer grimaces or furrows his brow

There’s a flashback

There’s a flash forward

Someone pulls a gun

Sawyer calls someone by a nickname

Charlie mentions Driveshaft

Jack makes a mild threat

Kate’s torn between Jack and Sawyer

Jin says something far too complicated for someone new to speaking English

A character turns out to be an “other”

Ominous music starts to play

Someone says “It’s complicated”

Locke goes/does something crazy

Ben says something menacing

Sayid takes charge


If you know the show well you can tailor your episode choice depending on how much or little you want to drink.

Of course, there are countless other situations that you can add to the list, and some situations will be more appropriate to certain seasons than others. See if you can add your own and tailor them to your season choice.