You will need a pint glass full of your chosen drink. This would preferably be beer - but up to you of course!


No setup instructions apart from the obvious of course. Make sure all players have their drinks ready and of course you will need to be watching "Take Me Out" as you play!


Right, to play this drinking game, you will drink when the following happens;

Paddy says: "No Likey, No Lighty" - 1 finger of pint.

For every women that buzzes out on the first round, take a sip for each.

For every time a guy leaves the show without a date - finish your drink.

For every time a guy pretends to buzz out a women, but then changes his mind - take two fingers of your pint.

For every date where both male and females actually end up liking each other - 4 fingers of your pint.

For every time a guy has only one girl left and is obviously not happy about the girl he's been landed - 4 fingers of your pint.

For every time a girl says "Maybe you'll find out later!" - 4 fingers of your pint.

These are just guidelines, feel free to change the drinking amounts and also add different rules to the game as you go along.


No special additions for this game, just make sure you let us know any new rules you think of when your group plays this.