• 1 part of Kahlua
  • 1 part of Vodka
  • 1 part of Irish Cream


The Mudslide is a very popular cocktail all around the world. It's considered perfect for most occasions, but especially to enjoy on a hot sunny day. For this cocktail, you’ll need all the ingredients stated above.

To create the Mudslide cocktail, firstly crush some ice cubes and add the crushed ice into your cocktail shaker. Then add all of the three ingredients stated above to the shaker (in equal quantities). If you require the Mudslide to be weaker/stronger (depending on your personal taste) adjust your quantities of vodka in comparison to the other ingredients.

If you require the Mudslide to become a long drink (5-9 fluid ounces), simply add milk or chocolate milk to the glass to top it up. Your Mudslide is now ready to serve, so enjoy! There are many additional ingredients you can add to this drink i.e. banana, caramel etc – so if you try any of these extras, please comment and let us know the outcome!