During the summer, Slushies and Smoothies are some of the most delicious beverages drink in order to cool down after a hot day at the beach. But the best part about these beverages is how easy they are to create and flavor according to you and your guests’ needs.

    General Instructions to Create a Smoothie

    In order to create a smoothie, you will need the following ingredients:

    • Milk or Juice
    • Ice
    • Vodka, Irish Cream, Kahlua or Tequila (optional)
    • Yogurt (optional)
    • Ice Cream (optional)
    • Flavoring (more about this later)

    Simply take blender, put all the ingredients into the blender, and change the setting of the blending speed in order to either liquefy the contents (for a smoothie) or chop it to create a slushie. Juice should only be used if you are creating a fruit beverage. Milk is used when creating either a fruit beverage (if you are using real fruit to flavor, not juice or citris fruits else the milk will curdle) or a more dairy flavored beverage, like a chocolate smoothie.

    For alcohol, Irish Cream and Kahlua taste best in dairy beverages, while Vodka and Tequila each complement the fruit beverages well.

    Variety Of Flavours

    Choosing the flavors of slushies and smoothies is a matter of personal preference. Some people like dairy smoothies, like chocolate or vanilla. While others like fruit smoothies, like strawberry.

    Party Punch Fruit

    Fruit smoothies can be done in several ways. Real fruit is preferred, since it adds texture to the beverage and is generally healthier and more refreshing, but juice is always an option, as is flavored ice cream.

    For Chocolate and Vanilla smoothies, a mixture of flavored milk and ice cream tastes best and will give the smoothie a very rich flavor.

    Here are several flavors for slushies and smoothies to get your creative juices flowing:

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Taro, Orange, Grapefruit, Red Bean, Kiwi, Blackberry, Coconut & Cherry