Mixed drinks can be some of the most delicious beverages available – so it is no wonder that a mixed drink cocktail wish Champagne is also a popular concoction. Champagne enthusiasts love the idea of having a sparking beverage with hints of fruit flavors and other delicious tastes that tickle the tongue and can complement almost any meal.

    The Champagne cocktail has been around since the 1800’s, and is considered a “lounge drink,” as in a drink that people only consume when they are sitting around and relaxing together. Today, the drink continues to be popular for social parties and gatherings, and you can even see some wine and alcohol manufacturers selling champagne cocktails in local grocery stores, often coming in both bottle and box form.

    The Making Of The Cocktail

    Making a champagne cocktail starts with good champagne. Just because you are flavoring the champagne does not mean you should choose a cheap bottle. If you expect to like the champagne cocktail, you must also like the champagne.

    In addition to champagne, you will need:

    • Brandy
    • A Sugar Cube
    • Angostura Bitters
    Champagne Cork

    First chill the champagne glass. Next, put a napkin on top of the glass you are going to drink the beverage out of. Then lay the sugar cube on top of the napkin. Be sure that the napkin you have chosen is strong enough that it will not fall into the drink.

    Pour some of the Angostura bitters onto the sugar cube to soak it. After it has been soaked, drop the cube into the glass. Next, add about ½ a shot of brandy into the glass. Finally, fill the glass up with champagne.

    You can also garnish the champagne cocktail with fruit or orange peel to give it a light flavoring of the fruit. Never put too much of the fruit into the beverage, however, or you risk over saturating it.