• 6 oz of Orange Juice
  • 12 oz of Lemonade
  • 18 oz of Vodka
  • 18 oz of Pineapple Juice
  • 18 oz of Cranberry Juice
  • 12 oz of Club Soda


A punch drink really can be a highlight of the party, it just has to taste as well as your guests deserve. For this recipe, we have opted for a classic fruit punch drink. This type of beverage has always been a popular choice as you are safe in the knowledge that the majority of guests love this type of punch.

To create this fruit punch you’ll need all of the ingredients listed at the beginning of the recipe. You should adjust the quantities of the ingredients dependant on the amount of guests that you plan to cater for at your event.

To create this punch properly, you should combine together a selection of frozen fruits i.e. strawberries, raspberries etc and freeze into a pre-prepared ice block or ring (this should be prepared the day before serving.

When you are ready to serve the punch, pour all the ingredients except the vodka and club soda over the frozen fruits. Once this has been served, add the vodka and club soda to the mix. You can add more or less Vodka depending on your own personal tastes.