• 3 Cups of Orange Juice
  • 1 1/3 Cups of Tequila
  • 1 Cup of Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 Cup of Sugar
  • Garnish of Ice


When you have the boys over to watch the game, you need a drink to satisfy the thirsts of others – preferably with enough alcohol to satisfy their other needs as well. With the touchdown punch, you can get the guys good and loosened, with a drink that complements the day.

Make sure the orange juice is cold enough that it will not melt the ice once you are done mixing. Place the sugar and the orange juice in a punch bowl and mix until it has completely dissolved. Then add the tequila and lemon juice, continuing to mix until it has become a single liquid. Add the ice (or if mixed outside the ice, pour into the bowl of ice) and serve.

Any Alcohol

For this mix, you can also replace the alcohol with vodka or rum, depending on what your guest want more. Some of the flavors of these alcohols may be strong, and you want to keep enough of the orange flavor that it doesn’t burn on the way down, but otherwise any of those three alcohols will do.

Tequila, however, is considerably more popular simply because it so commonly goes with orange juice. In a way, you are creating one giant tequila sunrise where people can go back for seconds without having to beckon a busy bartender.

Not Just for Sports

The touchdown punch was named such likely because it works as good, global drink for football games. It is also easy to make, so that more can be made if the guest run out. But for those that are simply looking for an easy punch to make that is always going to taste good and brutally difficult to screw up, the touchdown punch works for that as well.

Orange juice is always a strong flavor, so if one adds too much alcohol or too little sugar, the orange juice should still cover the difference and make sure that the punch continues to taste good regardless.

Because of this, any event that requires you to make a quick punch, especially if you are not the greatest cook in the world, can probably use the touchdown punch. It tastes good, but its popularity continues to be due to its ease of creation and the fact that anyone can make it, no matter how poor you may be at proper measurement.